See also: DHS Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms (DAAT) List

wdt_ID Acronym Name URL
1 ACI Advanced Computing Initiative
2 AD Active Directory
3 AMIC Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium
4 ARROW Application Review for Research Oversight at Wisconsin
5 BMI BioMedical Informatics
6 BRC Bioinformatics Resource Center
7 CAD Campus Active Directory
8 CAE Computer-Aided Engineering
9 CALS College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
10 CARDS Community Advisors on Research Design and Strategies
11 CCI Campus Computing Infrastructure
12 CAVE Cave Automatic Virtual Environment
13 CCT Core Computational Technology
14 CHTC Center for High Throughput Computing
15 CIO Chief Information Officer
16 CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
17 CMS Content Management Systems
18 CoE College of Engineering
19 CSL Campus Software Library
20 CSL Computer Systems Lab
21 CTIG Campus Technical Issues Group
22 DOE Department of Energy
23 D2P Discovery to Project
24 DoIT Division of Information Technology
25 DMP Data Management Plan
26 DPPS DoIT Digital Publishing and Printing
27 ED/SBS IRB Education and Social/Behavioral Science IRB
28 ECPC Experimental Cutaneous Pathology Core
29 ECRT Effort Reporting Tool (Replaced by ECC)
30 ELN Electronic Lab Notebooks
31 EH&S Environment, Health, & Safety
32 GIC Grants Information Collection
33 HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
34 HPC High Performance Computing
35 HS-IRB Health Sciences IRB
36 HTC High Throughput Computing
37 IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
38 ICTR Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
39 IRB Institutional Review Board
40 LEL Living Environments Laboratory
41 MERIT Media, Education Resources, & Information Technology
42 MIR Morgridge Institute for Research
43 MR-IRB Minimal Risk IRB
44 MSC Materials Science Center
45 MSC Medical Sciences Center
46 MSC Multicultural Student Center
47 MRSEC Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
48 NEOS Network-Enabled Optimization System
49 NIH National Institute of Health
50 NSF National Science Foundation
51 OHR Office of Human Resources
53 PI Principal Investigator
54 TT Technology Training
55 QDA Qualitative Data Analysis
56 RADD Recovering Analog and Digital Data
57 RARC Research Animal Resources Center
58 RCF Research Computing Facilitator
59 RDS Research Data Services
61 RSP Research and Sponsored Programs
62 SDRC Skin Disease Research Center
63 SHARE Discovery Shared Research Equipment
64 SLIS School of Library and Information Studies
65 SML Soft Materials Laboratory
66 SSCC Social Science Computing Cooperative
67 STS DoIT Software Training for Students
68 SWAMP Software Assurance Marketplace
69 UC University Communications
70 UMark University Marketing
71 UWBC University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center
72 UWDC University of Wisconsin Digital Collections
73 UWMRRC University of Wisconsin Medical Radiation Research Center
74 UWRCL University of Wisconsin Radiation Calibration Laboratory
75 UWSC University of Wisconsin Survey Center
76 OVCR Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (formerly VCRGE)
77 WARF Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
78 WCAM Wisconsin Center for Applied Microeconomics
79 WDP Wisconsin Discovery Portal
80 WEI WIsconsin Energy Institute
81 WID Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
82 WINRS Wisconsin Network for Research Support
83 WISDM Wisconsin Data Mart
84 WISPER WISconsin Proposal Electronic Routing (Replaced by RAMP)
85 WMI Wisconsin Materials Institute
86 WPT Wisconsin Public Television
87 CUE Center for User Experience
88 CISO Chief Information Security Officer
89 CDIS (School of) Computer, Data & Information Sciences
90 RCI Research CyberInfrastructure
91 FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
92 COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule
93 DSI Data Science Institute
94 AFIDSI American Family Insurance Data Science Institute
95 RAMP Research Administration Management Portal
96 ECC Employee Compensation Compliance
97 VCRGE Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (now OVCR)